Which Nuts Should You Eat on the Keto Diet? We Rank 16 Different Types of Nuts Based on their Net Carbs!

There are a lot of mixed messages when it comes to eating nuts on the Ketogenic Diet. The truth is, whichever nut you choose to include on Keto, you should really be eating them as part of a meal – and avoid snacks as much as possible.

The reason you should avoid snacking is – for your Keto Diet to be most effective you want to keep your insulin as low as possible in order to open up your fat stores. Once fat adapted, by avoiding snacks, you will feel less hungry between meals and your body will be able to turn body fat into ketones as an energy source.

But then gain, no-one is perfect and you are bound to occasionally snack. So you may as well pick a snack that will raise your insulin levels the least. And with that in mind it is important to be aware of which nuts offer the most value / most nuts for your net carbs!

The truth is that nuts are a staple of the Keto Diet. Nuts are such a nutritious food, packed with healthy fats, that we shouldn’t ignore them as a go-to food on the Ketogenic Diet. But which nuts should you enjoy on the Keto Diet?

Here we rate 16 varieties of nut in reverse order of their net carbohydrates in order to show you which nuts to avoid, which to be wary of, and which have our green light as a true Keto nut to happily include on your Keto Diet.

So lets start our nutty round up with number 16.. Chestnuts!

No. 16: Chestnuts!

This ones a case of look but don’t touch. Chestnuts have an incredible 4.5 grams of net carbs per kernel – with not too much fibre either at 1.3 grams. An ounce (about 2.3 kernels) contains 10.4 grams net carbs!

Chestnuts: Look But Don’t Touch on the Keto Diet!
“The Big Book of Ketogenic Diet Cooking” by Jen Fisch & Julie Smith

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