What Can You Do To Mend A Broken Heart?

In this revealing video, Ivor Cummings explains how almost everyone with heart disease has diabetes whether diagnosed or undiagnosed - and what someone with hear disease can do to one can do to mend their broken heart!

Diabetes and heart disease

If you have heart disease please make sure you get checked for diabetes. If you are diagnosed with insulin resistance, pre-diabetes or diabetes type 2 - the probably cause of your heart disease - then you have 2 choices:

Option 1: Have your doctor prescribe meds such as metformin or insulin injections to slow down the your inevitable decline.


Option 2: Start a keto life style with Intermittent Fasting, cure your diabetes and potential reverse your heart disease (you will almost certainly improve your condition)!

You can learn more about the second option throughout this site!


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