We're delighted to announce the launch of our Club Shop where you will be able to show your support for the club, our message and your commitment to your Keto journey by wearing our stylish apparel - emblazoned with our official club logo.

Click Here to Visit the North American Shop (serving the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand)

Click Here to Visit the UK Shop (serving the UK, and the rest of Europe)

LAUNCH PROMOTION: In addition, we're currently able to offer a welcome discount of a full 15% on anything you buy!

Our store is operated by service provider, Spreadshirt - who guarantee 100% satisfaction and delivery timescales or your money back!

NOTE: When you visit the store you will be promoted to select our North American or UK shop. Please select the shop that is appropriate for you. Also please be aware that if you are from other countries (incl Australia/New Zealand) you can still purchase from the US site, but the products you order will ship from the US, so may have high shipping charges.

Please do send us a picture wearing any clothing you purchase so we can include it in our site gallery, with your permission, of course!

Again, thank you for your support!

Product Examples

Here are just a few examples of the products that are available. Please click here to go to the CLUB SHOP for the full range and to make a purchase.