About Me

What it all about?

This site is a resource for all those who are interested in learning more about the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting (IF) – a two barrelled approach to weight loss and health recovery. I will be providing guidance on all things keto and IF including the latest science, the benefits of following a ketogenic/IF diet and lifestyle, exceptional resources across the web, helpful supplementation, and much more besides. Whether your objective is to reverse diabetes, improve mental acuity,  enhance your everyday energy levels or simply to lose weight, Keto Fight Club is here for you. There are so many health benefits to living a ketogenic diet, whether with or without intermittent fasting, that there are too many to include in a short introduction to this site. However, I hope you will join me as the the benefits of living a keto lifestyle become more mainstream.

My Story

In December 2012 I was condemned to a life of ill health and reduced life expectancy when I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2.

My doctor gave me a bunch of tablets (including metformin, ramapril, and others) to take for the rest of my life, and told me that I would need more and more medication until eventually I would need to inject myself daily with insulin in order to control my blood sugars. I would have to live with a massively increased risk of strokes, heart disease, kidney and liver disease, blindness, and amputation, amongst much else besides.

Diabetes is so common these days that an eventual diabetes diagnosis has almost becoming the norm – as if a natural part of getting old. In fact, in 2015 it was confirmed that more than 100 million Americans had either diabetes type type 2 or pre-diabetes, and that number has grown significantly since then. People just accept this diagnosis because their doctors tell them that it is progressive and incurable. But I am here to tell you is does not have to be progressive and IS curable!

Consequences of Diabetes Type 2

I discovered, along with so many others, that diabetes CAN be reversed with a low carbohydrate diet – both quickly and easily!

In early October 2018 I learned of Keto on YouTube and decided to try it. After much research, I was so convinced that it should work for me that I stopped taking all my blood sugar controlling medications and started keto. Seven weeks later and my HBa1C diabetes blood test came back from the doctor at 40. The upper limit for someone WITHOUT diabetes is 42!

If you have diabetes, and as a result, are condemned to a life of ill health, more and more medication and a substantially shorter life expectancy, I know that a Keto diet WILL reverse your diabetes! I am a living testimony to that! In fact, in only 6 days my fasting blood sugars were within normal range. You can do the same!

I hope this site empowers people to take back control of their health once and for all. Sure, listen to your doctor, but satisfy yourself that the treatment plan they have for you is actually the right treatment.

Moreover, if your doctors condemn you to ill health (as in my case), then I strongly encourage you to get in the driving seat and find your own solution. This is the information age. All the resources you need are on the web. Learn and be your own doctor! I did and now my diabetes is fully in remission. This means that, whether or not I am actually cured, I will not suffer any of the consequences of having diabetes from this point onwards.

There are so many other reasons to live a Ketogenic lifestyle with intermittent fasting that I can’t imagine living any other way. I hope this page will go some way to make you aware of them.

Finally, if you know someone who could benefit from a Ketogenic diet then please encourage them to enter the discussion by sharing this page. Lets spread the word and become a community that empowers each other, that introduces some sanity into the western diet, and takes responsibility for our own health.

Charles Kyrikaou